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The GAMMA Two-Tone Outdoor Training Ball takes the guesswork out of spin, helping you practice imparting spin and also defending against it. These balls are halved into orange and red sides so that you can easily tell which way a pickleball is spinning and how much rotation you've added to your shots. They easily stand out against multiple court surfaces so you can drill in a variety of settings without having to strain to see the results. 

These Outdoor Two-Tone Training Balls are made with 40 molded holes that allow for airflow and precise placement. They are made with a two-piece construction that can still withstand the rigors of play. One side is a vibrant, conspicuous shade made to contrast with the darker shade so you can maintain your focus and observe the results of your cuts and slices. These pickleballs are great for drilling and can even be used for recreational play when you want a highly visible option. 

The Two-Tone Outdoor Training Pickleballs from GAMMA will help you diversify your shots and become a more disciplined player.

GAMMA Two-Tone Outdoor Training Pickleballs


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